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HabitRPG – unusually motivating service

HabitRPG is a very original site – representing both motivational support, and service of developing habits, as well as a scheduler. Its form is also unique- the process is designed in the form of role-playing game (RPG). You have characters, weapons, clothes, money, experience and health, which allows to plan and develop habits in a playful form.

The interface of HabitRPG is designed as follows: in the far left column (Habits) you can enter habits you want to develop in yourself or from which you want to get rid of. In the second column (Daily) make notes on the work that you do every day. For example: 30 minutes for English, read and do exercises. There is some correlation with the first column, but the main difference is that here you need to insert things that can be done once per day.

The third column (Todos) is a list of affairs without time reference.

And the column Rewards is where you need game money. So you can buy weapons, equipment, health elixir, and most importantly – reward for yourself.

In HabitRPG tasks take coloring- from green to red. Green colored are those things and habits that are often performed by you, and red ones are respectively those that are performed more rarely. Thus, you can keep track of things and habits that are to be performed in the nearest future.

HabitRPG-site is a unique web service allowing to train yourself to planning in a rather pleasant and organized way.


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