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How to add Google +1 button to your blog

A while Google introduced the +1 button that can be integrated into your website or blog. With this button you can recommend to your friends interesting things that you found on different websites. It is like by clicking the +1 button, you say, “This is something worth to read”.

Use the recommendations of friends
Finding your way in the search results is much easier when you can see which ones are recommended by friends. Typing a search query into Google, you get a list of sites. And those sites that were recommended by your friends have +1 button with links to their Google page. The only condition to see friends’ recommendations is to necessarily log into your Google account.

How to get the button code
To create a button, first go to the webmaster page on Google profile. Select the size of the button and add or disable the counter in advanced settings.

To insert the code into your blog place the first part of the code into the file header.php, which is in the folder with the theme of the blog before the closing tag. Put the second part of the code in the file single.php, to the point where there should be the button.


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