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How to Avoid Mistakes in Search Engine Marketing

No matter how sound and competent a search engine marketing campaign is, it still contains mistakes. Some of these may seem insignificant, but they may divert potential customers.

Do not forget that your task is to best meet customer’s expectations, ensuring as much visits to the site as possible. The accomplishment of this task at the same time avoiding mistakes is extremely difficult, that’s why we would like to tell about how to avoid mistakes in search marketing.

The main problems of search engine marketing and their solutions:

1. The marketer does not listen to the customer. Many marketers believe that they know all about search engine marketing, and do not even consider the needs of the client. For example, if the client prefers to focus the basic resources for the promotion of the target page, do so, even if it is not reasonable from your point of view. Do not forget that customers will not talk about their plans, and perhaps you think their actions are unwise because you might lack the whole information.

2. Poor quality programs and applications. Most errors occur because of failures in the hardware, software or applications. Therefore, use only the best programs and applications; do not carry out loading through non-authoritative domains and platforms.

3. Wrong time of launching the campaign. You shouldn’t start a campaign late at night, before weekends, holidays or any time when you are unable to control all the processes of the campaign. It is better to start a campaign on Monday morning – you will have a whole week ahead to monitor processes and correct errors.

4. The customer receives reports of site disapproval. Many search engines, and Google in particular, send messages to customers about the disapproval of site changes, and clients come to think that something is wrong in the campaign, and that the marketer’s efforts do not bring desirable results. To solve this problem is very simple – just warn the customer that he/she may receive suchlike messages, which in fact will not create any problems.

5. Missing keywords. Always check with the customer what keywords should be included in the campaign. Although they may be unpopular, and have low productivity, do not argue with the customer.

6. Incorrect settings of a campaign, which can have serious consequences. An extra space or a comma can cost the customer thousands of dollars, so check all the settings of the campaign at least 3 times and let your colleagues recheck for you.


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