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How to choose a color scheme for your website design

The color scheme is a set of colors used in the design of the website. Choosing a color scheme for a website is subject to special rules. You should keep in mind that colors not only determine the appearance of your website, but in the future would also be associated with how your brand is represented on the Internet. Most schemes includes from 2 to 4 colors. Let’s try to figure out the best way to create a color scheme for a website.

Selecting the main color of the website

The first and most important step is to choose a primary color for web design. If you already have a logo, it is best to use as the main color used in the logo. If you have to choose the color from scratch, you can use another method. Try to analyze the audience of your website in terms of age or social preferences. Or use the information about the psychology of color and its impact on the emotional state.

Creating a color scheme

Typically, web designers tend to use the traditional color wheel to determine the color palette for the site. The color wheel of 12 colors was invented by Sir Isaac Newton back in 1666. There are a number of color combinations, selected by a circle, which almost always look harmonious. In some cases web designers choose to use just one color for the design, while in other cases they may choose to use two contrasting colors.

Sometimes web designers use design based on three colors that are situated next to each other on the wheel of color. One of them is the main color, while the two other are secondary colors.

Use of contrasting colors

Another rule, which should not be overlooked when choosing a color scheme for your website is a rule of contrast. It is important to choose colors that provide good contrast between text and background images. For example, the colors that are the easiest to read are black on white or white on black. On the other hand the orange text on a brown background does not provide enough contrast, and is likely to create inconvenience for readers.

Choosing additional colors

Once you have chosen a color scheme that provided a good contrast between the text and the background, all you need to do is choose a few secondary colors. Typically, these are shades of the main colors you have chosen for web design. These colors can be used for pointing to an object in a text or decorative shade references in the text.

Remember not to overload the website with too many colors. It will create unnecessary chaos and scare away visitors.


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