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How to choose a copywriter for SEO?

If you already have an eye to a few specialists, the first and most important criterion when choosing the one is to view SEO-copywriter’s portfolio. Writing texts is the flow of thought, so the style of work by different people can not just be good or bad, it can be different. Choose the one that seems to match your site the most.

The next object of study is, of course, the sources to be paid for the job. It is important to be careful, because in each case the price of the text can be specified for 1000, 1800 or 2000 characters with spaces (or without spaces). There may be a simpler formulation “per page of the text” In this case you should specify what volume of signs is thought to be a page.

A few more features that will help with the selection are the recommendations of your colleagues or friends, personal acquaintance with the SEO-copywriter.

After all, a SEO-copywriter is also a person who loves his/her job and Internet. Write him or her a letter (check the ability and willingness to ask questions), communicate through ICQ, give a call. You will make your own opinion of the copywriter, and it will help dot your i’s and cross your t’s in choosing a SEO-copywriter.


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