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How to Choose a Right Domain Name

For any webmaster, especially for someone who has a decent experience in site promotion sphere, it is no secret that website promotion is much easier to take up not from scratch, but instead using the old domain.

So how to purchase a domain with a really good performance? There are a variety of options … for example, it may be resold at a more reasonable price, or else you can embark on a new project on the same subject (and if the domain has retained its audience, it is much more relevant).

While choosing a domain webmasters pay attention to Pr, and check the Pr patch. You also need to consider the quality of link base. If you learn how to determine the quality of backlinks, you can make a great domain. Backlinks can be found at where you should enter the domain address and go to External section (after registering on the site).

Approximately 70-80% of links should lead to internal pages belonging to the domain that is purchased. Try to purchase domains with a long-life performance. Also remember that the quantity and not the quality of links is what is really important.



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