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How to choose Windows and Unix-based hostings

For those who need a high quality and cheap hosting with adequate service, and preferably with the latest trends of information technology, this article will definitely be useful. So if you are a designer or someone who wants to create a personal website and of course, put it on hosting, then see some tips below:

  1. Choose the kind of hosting you want: Windows-hosting or Unix-hosting.
  2. Write a list of all the things you need from the hosting. As an example, take the services of a hosting provider and fill in the boxes for desired parameters.
  3. Make a list of providers who can meet your conditions.
  4. Evaluate hosters based on the following parameters (from 1 to 5):
  5. Address a stupid question to tech support and appreciate the quality of the answer.
  6. Take into account the time needed for the site provider to load.
  7. Consider the convenience of website hosting provider.
  8. Estimate the cost of services (the cheaper the better!).
  9. Inquire about the possibility for testing period.
  10. Write to owners of a few sites that use the services of the same hosting provider. Consider their feedback and stop your choice on the best provider according to the results.


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