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How to fill in the site content

Let’s consider that you own a site providing certain services, and you strive for attracting more people to your site. The first step to be undertaken for this purpose is making high-quality content for your website so that potential customers could come to your site through search engines.

SEO experts recommend writing an article once a week. Apparently, it is correlated with how often search engines visit your site. In addition, try to avoid duplicate content. In case you take information from another site, be sure to rewrite and paraphrase it. This means that you keep the semantic part of the article by replacing it with other words close in meaning.

Duplicate content is unacceptable because it results in a penalty from search engines.

RSS also works well in terms of attracting visitors with interesting inexpensive content (because you are not the creator of this content). But keep in mind that RSS takes users away. So be careful in putting RSS aggregator on your site.

Creating a site with good content is a long process and takes some time. So you have to be patient and laboriously move forward in the rankings of search engines. Be persistent, and your efforts will pay off.


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