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How to optimize website URLs

URLs of the website are an important factor in SEO. How to choose good names for the site’s pages? Below are some tips that will help you optimize your website URLs.

Keep it simple

Creating a URL of a page, try to focus on the essentials. The best choice of the name in most cases are words that are directly associated with the page and give a brief idea of what it is. Try to make URLs short, easy to remember and help eliminate irrelevant traffic.

Choose Static URL

Search engines are scan and analyze both static and dynamic URL equally good. However, if the URL is changed regularly, the site may lose value in the eyes of Google, because the redirect leads to loss of PR. Although this figure is very low losses, but still … If you are using dynamic URL, make sure that the number of characters are minimum, and the address does not change every day.

Do not use sub-domains

There is a myth that creating subdomains gives some advantage in SEO. For example, will have a greater impact than / sports /. This is not true. Search engines determine the subdomain as a separate site, so creating subdomains in order to improve the position in search engines does not make sense.

Use Dashes

Always use dashes to separate words in a URL. Avoid other combination of special characters like (+) and (_). Experts believe that the use of the underscore does not affect SEO, but it is believed that dash is the best sign to separate one word from another.

Do not use more than 5 keywords

You can use a sufficiently large number of words in the URL of the page, but the search engines will consider only 4 or 5 words.

The best URL is the one that describes the purpose of the page in a clear, short and memorable way.


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