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How to Test the Usability of Website

Usability testing will enable you to objectively evaluate the user-friendliness of your site. This is one of the most important stages in the development and improvement of the site.

The more understandable a site is for users, the sooner they will find the information they are interested in.

Here are some tips on how to improve site usability. But, as we know, theoretical knowledge is not always applicable in practice.

1. “3 clicks” is not an axiom

World-known rule of three clicks, which was formulated by Jeffrey Zeldman, says: “In order an interface is clear at an intuitive level, the user should be able to find the necessary information on the page within three clicks after logging into the site”.

On the other hand the rule by Zeldman was refused by Joshua Porter who thinks that even if the visitors need to take more than three clicks, they will not leave a site if they are confident in the success of the final result and are interested in finding the required information.

Which of these rules should be considered in developing and improving the site? You should take the one you get when testing your site usability.

2. Select the right participants

During the process of your site testing you should involve people from your target audience. Employees, relatives or friends in this respect are not the best audience. There are special agencies that deal with the selection of narrow focus groups. This will require additional financial sources, however, as a rule, you will collect more reliable results of the study.

3. Starting with the name

Before testing share the domain name with respondents. Their first reaction will tell much. Ask them what they expect from a site with that name and along with that make notes on valuable information.

4. Set tasks

To speed up the testing process, set tasks for the respondents directly on the site. For example:

* Make a reservation

* Complete registration

* Find telephone number and call

* Request and pay the bill, etc.

You may also ask participants for feedback as, for example, what caught their attention on the site, what is missing out that could be added or else improved.


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