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How to Track and Analyse Traffic from Search Engines

Speaking about traffic from search engines we mean the number of people (not “robots”) that come to the site from search engines according to search queries (keywords) . It is possible to determine the share of each of the search engines in the total traffic from search engines. You can find out by which keywords people find the site and the proportion of each search query (keyword) in the overall traffic from the search engine.

The major aim of promoting a website in search engines is determined by the total traffic from search engines, and not by the availability of the link to the site on top search results according to a strictly defined keyword.

The fact is that even the owners of search engines cannot impact on a particular ranking, because search engine uses a sophisticated algorithm while operating, depending on hundreds of parameters.

Of course, with the increase in traffic the site will appear higher and higher in search results, up to the first position.

To increase traffic a monthly analysis of the results is made with the aim to keep promoting your site.


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