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How to write a script for autoposting?

When you are the proud owner of a small number of sites or blogs, you carefully select the content and post it manually. Sometimes you write the text yourself, edit pictures in Photoshop, but this method does not always bring the proper result. Sometimes one can’t do without the automation of certain processes.

Fortunately, you can automate almost everything, it is important to have programming skills and necessary tools such as a remote server, or at least hosting with support of task setting cron.

Script is better than the regular program as it can be run from a host that has the minimum functionality like remote connectivity and php.

So, let’s suppose you should write an auto poster in the blog – tumblr, wordpress, dle, or whatever. The first thing to do is to look for information about API, it is likely that posting on these services can be done by using API, however, in tumblr, for example, getting API is not easy, you need to write to support and get a special key.

If you cannot use the API opportunities for this reason or another, you can always use a tool such as POST requests.

In order to know which request to send you need to download a program that intercepts all web traffic and stores the data, and then to analyze the results. Here Firebug plugin may be the best choice.

It should be installed, activated and at the bottom you’ll see a resizable window with various tabs. Simply login to the site, a POST request will be displayed at the bottom, where you can find the names of the fields and their values at the time of sending. If you do not understand very well, how you get values for this or that field, look at the html-code of the original page, where all the values can usually be found there.


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