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HTML5 Specification Development is Complete. W3C Compatibility Testing Begins.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) organization has published full specs for HTML5 and Canvas 2D. They have not yet been adopted as W3C standards, but their development is completed, so developers can be guided by HTML5 and Canvas 2D in their projects.

Now the stage of testing the compatibility and performance is on the way, aiming to make sure that HTML5 is equally well supported on different platforms, by different browsers, servers, and other programs. Adoption of the new specifications as standard ones is expected by 2014.

HTML5 language is the cornerstone of Open Web Platform – an integrated environment for creating cross-platform applications with access to the hardware capabilities of devices, video and animation, graphics, styles and typography, as well as other tools to prepare materials in digital form.

At the same time a draft version of specifications for HTML 5.1 and Canvas 2D Level 2 is presented. These documents give an idea of what will be standardized in the next phase. W3C community continues to develop HTML enriching its features.


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