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HTML5 vs. Flash

Today bright, iridescent sites with lots of animation will hardly surprise anyone. In greater demand now are sites with pages loading time to be as little as possible.

As it turns out a new markup language HTML5 has long been replacing Adobe Flash, which was once widely used in web industry. One reason for such a turn is the loss of popularity by promotional sites for which Adobe Flash was the primary means of information visualization. Today developers are trying to bypass these assets because search engine optimization options are insufficient. Moreover, the “weighty” flash complicates Internet surfing, and essentially uses processor power.

The main opponents of flash are considered to be tablets and smartphones, which market grows by 300% annually, and of course HTML5. Using this language, you can make sites more attractive, lightweight, fast and functional.

New markup language will interest all without exception: those who care about the comfort of working with a resource, online stores that use mobile elements, etc.


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