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Importance of Google+ for Your Business

On November 7, 2011 search engine giant Google has announced about official business pages of the social network Google.

The next day the creation of pages became available to each Google user and, like mushrooms after the rain, pages of large and small brands, websites, shops and blogs began to appear.

In this article we are going to speak about the five reasons in favor of the official page of Google, but the most obvious of them is that it is free and it is working!

1) Millions of potential customers

Google + was founded on June 28, 2011 and has already brought together a worldwide audience – more than 50 million people.

2) The fastest growth in history

Google + shows the fastest growth rates in the world in the whole history of social networks.

Google + exceeded the 50 million registered users within 88 days while Facebook could achieve such results within more than 3.5 years, MySpace and Twitter – during 3 years, and LinkedIn in the period of 6.5 years.

Such dynamics confirms the strategy of Google + to compete with the most popular social network in the world – Facebook.

3) Traffic and other bonuses by Google

With the release of Google + ,Google gave up less successful social projects (such as Buzz), to fully focus on its new social creation.

To stimulate the use of Google + search giant has integrated it with search and contextual advertising.

4) Viral distribution of the content

Regularly publishing interesting news, photos, videos and links on Google + viral distribution of the content becomes possible.

Click on +1 button tells friends that a user has liked the content, whereas by “Sharing” you may have the content of a particular page directly in your recent acitvity.

5) The close link with the audience

Google +, just like users, can also add subscribers of pages into circles and publish content for individual circles.


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