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Interesting online game Try To Win – a real challenge to your gaming spirit

If as a child you were playing a game of Tetris, then most likely, there is not much to explain about this game. And for those who have not played, the game mechanics of this creation will be introduced here briefly. You manage for being at the bottom.

The goal is to survive until the end of the level. To do this, dodge enemy units, their shots and pick up various bonuses to get around obstacles. Try To Win is very complicated. And if it is easy and convenient to play on the keyboard in the web version, playing the game on the phone is a challenge to your gaming spirit, as it is written in the description of the game.

The game has been developed in the style of pixel art. The website Try To Win was also created by the authors of interesting sites Illusions and Motivating quotes.

The game has been created on HTML5 and WebGL, so if it does not work, use browsers such as Google Chrome or other browsers (though problems should hardly arise).

The site-game Try To Win is for real hardcorerers. Passing all levels is not an easy task, so come armed with patience. Good luck !


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