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Is GIMP really similar to Photoshop?

According to the GIMP development team this graphics editor is the free analog of Photoshop. Of course, it’s hard to believe in the release of such a powerful and yet free graphics editor. So, let’s compare the two programs on the basic parameters and find out what is offered instead of our favorite Photoshop.

Download speed

This criterion was selected as primary because it is possible to learn about the load speed on the CPU (central processing unit) during startup, and moreover, the speed of download for all modules. So, it took 3.2 seconds for GIMP download in this system, and for Photoshop download – 4.6 seconds, so here the free little brother wins.


It is here where quite strong differences between the two programs are noticed. GIMP interface is divided into several independent windows, and for many it will be a significant disadvantage, while for others it may be a huge plus. Photoshop interface is holistic, and many users are accustomed to it. However, we cannot say for sure which of the players wins on this criterion.


Toolbar from GIMP is a little clearer, besides it has more beautiful design than the simple toolbar in Photoshop. Tools are almost identical in the two programs, however, we note the lack of “rotation of 3D-objects”, editing and creating 3D files. But this refers to another category, and in relation to the panel GIMP wins a little, taking the first place with nice design and clearness.


The possibilities here are almost equal, however, Photoshop wins, because it has more features to the filters. But, on the other hand, in GIMP animation feature is set straight from the filter panel, the use of which makes it easy to create an animation. So, the first place is shared by both programs, because they have additional features.
Other features and capabilities

In general, almost all functions are the same, however, the lack of support for editing 3D-objects in GIMP gives the award to Photoshop.


Well, there’s nothing to say. The winner is GIMP, as it is completely free, whereas for the latest version of Photoshop you will need a tidy sum.


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