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Key Characteristics of Perfect Websites

An ordinary web site usually comes with the following important features:


The term domain has a great many meanings in various areas. In the context of the description of the website domain indicates the address in the bar of the browser, which makes your site available, for example,


Hosting means a place on the web server (or multiple servers) with the corresponding server power and communication channels allocated for the site. Hosting is the place specially tuned to a computer with high speed internet connection that you rent out.


The term CMS implies site content management system. In other words, it is a program located on the server (hosting) that allows you to change the content and structure of site pages, without the knowledge of HTML language. In addition, CMS allows you to control additional functions of the site, such as comments to the articles. For different CMS the volume of resources provided under the tariff hosting plan will be different.

CMS theme (template)

The theme is the module of the program, which is responsible for the appearance of the pages on your website. Themes of different CMS do not fit each other. An image from your website in JPG format (or other image formats, such as PSD) is not CMS theme.
Position in search results and related features

Before displaying the results of the user’s request, search engines evaluate websites (credibility rating of the site according to the search system).The wrapping of these characteristics is called SEO.

For some search engines it may be citation index, for others – page rank.

In addition, internal factors of your website may also influence the position of your site in search results.


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