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Local SEO is essential to your business website

Local SEO is vital to the survival of any business website that targets local consumers, as it’s designed to help them to discover what it offers. With the advent of the Internet, people looking to purchase goods and services from local companies have turned to local-searching major search engines. It will prepare your business site to tap into your local market like never before. If it’s well-performed, your website will get top ranking in local search results for even competitive keywords.

Local SEO

How to perform local SEO:

  • Make sure proper geo-location tags in your web page’s HTML header are set.
  • Ensure the page you want to optimize includes necessary local keywords.
  • Submit your business site to Google Places, Bing Local Business Listings and Yahoo Search Marketing. Google Places offers businesses a profound way to be found in Google Maps, and Bing Local Business Listings is the only way to be listed in Bing Maps.
  • Submit your website to local directories and build links from relevant local sites.

Benefits of local SEO:

  • Local SEO allows consumers in your area to easily locate you.
  • It drives targeted traffic that most likely leads to purchases of your products.
  • It helps to increase your ROI (return on investment).


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