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Magic painting with Silk

Within the last weeks we dedicated a few posts to online sources that enable users to get engrossed in a wonderful world of drawing in virtual environment with an excessive number of tools. Today we won’t go too far and will talk about Silk – another online drawing service.

The motto of the site greeting visitors on the home page is “Magic work of art”. Indeed, drawing with Silk is truly magical, especially due to the atmospheric music and sound, and all this without using Flash technology.

This service offers 3 modes of drawing: vertical, 4-way symmetry, and a mode of “free” artist – asymmetric drawing.

In total six colors for your creative explorations are available here. It seems to be enough, however some of you may feel the lack of red color when putting your creative ideas into “paper”.

After creating your masterpiece you are free to share a link to it. Though download is not available, instead you can get a personal link in Silk so as to see the work of art you painted.


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