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Major factors for site ranking

Day by day search engines are filled with more than a trillion pages, processing and analyzing their contents. Spammers in their turn are constantly trying to find loopholes in their algorithms, and thus improve the position of their sites in search results.

Below we are going to introduce major factors which serve as basis for the ranking of sites in search engines:

1. Age of the domain. A very significant factor that search engines are sure to pay attention to. It is important to know that a domain that served as a theme for one site, and then it was “screwed” to a site with another theme loses its significance in the “eyes” of search engines.

2. Link authority. Links play a very important role in promoting the site. Moreover, here the quality rather than the quantity of links is considered. For example, a link from Dmoz (Google directory) directory may replace entire library catalogs resulting in far more benefits.

3. Key references were not taken into account. It is possible that search engines find some of your backlinks as selling ones. Thus, key links are not taken into account when ranking a site.

4. The behavior of users. In fact, the behavior of users plays an important role in ranking sites. All the leading search engines are able to record the time the user spent on the site, what he/she did and how quickly returned to search results.

5. Nuances of search engines. Each webmaster thinks he has the best content. But search engines may not necessarily agree with this. For example, your competitor’s content is worthless, but in spite of that search engines consider it as a quality one. Here’s a paradox.

As a conclusion we can say that the world of search engines is really a complex one, and many factors which affect the site ranking should be considered while implementing the promotion of projects.


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