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Major Tips to Develop Search Engine Optimized Website

Today it is not enough to create just a beautiful, functional and informational website. If you really want to get a double benefit from the site, then you need to think over SE optimization as a way to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. Some of the methods represented hereunder may help you on the way of SE optimized website development.


Keywords are one of the most important factors for website optimization. If you use the wrong keywords, search engines and your target audience may not even get to your site. Thata��s why before developing a website directly, it is important to clearly set the key goals of your business and based on it to start elaborating pages that would include certain keywords.

First of all you need to create a list of potential keywords (e.g, words that are related to the theme of your business), then insert the selected keywords into a tool for calculating and processing the keywords (e.g, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker). Afterwards sum up the list of keywords eliminating the ineffective ones and place 3 – 4 target keywords per page.

SEO-friendly navigation menu

It is important to create a structure of navigation menu that may be accessible for a search robot as well. For example, it is not desirable to use images as links. It would be preferable that all the links and buttons on your pages are in a text form. Try to avoid javascript as much as possible, as it is not that simple for search engines as well as mobile devices (for those users who access internet via mobile) to recognize these scripts.

URL and file names

Try to make your URL address more precise, including specific keywords that will help search engines quickly recognize the subject, identify the essence of the page thus leading to the increase of site visibility for search engines.

Also be careful while choosing names for images as this may affect whether an image from your site will be displayed in a section of pictures on Google and other search engines or not. For example, an image with the name A�midcentury-furniture.jpgA� is more likely to appear on Google rather than an image with the name A�1234.jpgA�.

Social bookmarks

Social bookmarking has recently become an integral part of optimizing a website as in this way you may interact with visitors. You may start with the registration, first of all, in the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Digg.


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