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Mozilla Firefox will become more “social”

Marketers of the Mozilla are looking for new ways to increase the popularity of Firefox.

Together with the implementation of web application store, very soon after the release of Firefox 16 the browser may become the owner of a whole arsenal of social functions.

It is reported, for example, that with Firefox you can quickly share links to interesting sites with your friends in social services like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Gmail.

Unfortunately, it is not clear yet which of the services will become a priority, but the developers intend to provide user with a wide functional.

In addition, the Firefox browser will also support notifications from a variety of resources (incoming e-mail, new message in the social network, etc.).

The developers have not yet given full information, for example, whether it is possible to develop sites specifically for the new version of FireFox so that some site features may be integrated into the browser, or else limit to the release of additions and own toolbars as it is now.


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