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New Tool from Google – Link Disavow

Google announced a new tool in the panel for webmasters. As Matt Cutts promised at the beginning of summer, it is now possible to disable some unneeded links if you think that they do not work well for your website.

If you previously received letters of happiness from Google or were hit by Penguin, it has become much easier to get out, the most important thing is to delete the corresponding links. Of course, Google warns that if you did not receive notice of unnatural links, you’d better not make use of the tool not to harm the site.

It is worth noting that if you are the owner of a resource that forgot to remove panel access to third parties, with which you no longer cooperate, it is recommended to change the passwords and remove the old users to make yourself secure.

The tool itself is located at: First of all, it will be necessary to select the site and confirm your responsible actions.
Afterwards, you will have to find bad links yourself and download the files through a special form. It should be a simple file with the address of the page in each new line. If there is a need to disconnect the links not from the page, but from the domain in general, it is possible to use the following construction:
When editing or adding new links, you will need to download a file to your computer, make all the necessary changes and add it again. In this case the text file must not exceed 2 Mb.

The links themselves can be found in the Google bar for webmasters in the menu item “Traffic.”


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