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Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now ( is a site-game, made for an old show called Perfect Strangers.

Going into this interesting website you “enter” your desire and begin the game. Your task is to collect all the stars.

What is sung in the song is reflected in the game. So do not be surprised when it rains, when there are earthquakes and various weather and other effects.

In general, it turned out to be a very sophisticated game. You probably know one fundamental truth – if you want to make your wish come true it should be clearly formulated. Then the universe also will help you.

In case you collect very few stars, the text of your desire is distorted. Thus the effect of inaccuracy in the formulation of the desire is achieved.

And do not forget that apart from making a wish, you should also do some actions for its realization. Believe and do not give up!

Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now is a great game, perhaps even a motivating one which also has a wonderful soundtrack.


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