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Off-site Search Engine Optimization

The whole process of website promotion consists of two parts – on-site and off-site SEO. And if the onsite optimization is responsible for the site structure, the off-site optimization is responsible for the importance of the site and, in the end, for the site ranking in search engine results.

Offsite SEO is based on the increase in the citation index, which depends on the volume and value of web resources, pointing to the site.

Off-site SEO presupposes the placement of links on external web resources. All links that are added should be textual, while the text in the link must contain the keywords of the page where they are placed. So, how to properly embark on an off-sute SEO and what specific actions need to be taken for this.

First, you should include the website in search engine index after placing it on the server. Later the promotion itself comes into action. This process can be done in several ways, such as:

1. Social networks, where users can add and share information with others. Examples of social networks include: bookmarking services and thematic forums.
2. Contextual advertising.
3. Registration in search engine catalogs.
4. Placing articles, which is the most effective method of off-site SEO, because articles contain the links that have more weight in search engines.
5. The creation and maintenance of blogs.
6. Press release, which is an open message containing company data, a description of any fact or event to attract the reader.
7. Link exchange.


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