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Playing Plants vs Zombies Online

Plants vs Zombies is a logical (actually just an arcade) game, partially similar in style to the genre of Tower Defense. Here you should protect your house from hordes of different types and with different abilities typical to zombies. This is to be done with the help of a large assortment of plants that appear when passing. Each of them has its own unique power. Thanks to this at every level the game seems to become more and more funny. It is important to note that in the online version the gradual dynamics of events can be experienced only in part because of restrictions to the number of levels, plants, types of zombies and mini-games.

This game is sure to entice both adults and children. Funny dialogues, game play, nice graphics and as a result you become so engrossed in this world that it becomes hard to tear away from the game.
You may become acquainted with this fascinating game through the site of Plants vs Zombies. It is available from Chrome Web Store, but is not necessarily played only through the Chrome browser.


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