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PPC or SEO – what to choose?

Most of the people whose work is somehow related to advertising on the Internet, have to make a choice of what to do: SEO or paid advertising. First of all, of course, the choice depends on the campaign budget. Below I will present a list of promotion methods, their advantages and features to help you make a decision what will work for your business the best.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

This type of advertising has a huge number of advantages.

Targeting – Simply put with PPC you advertise your website to a specific target audience. You can limit the regions where the advertising is displayed, selecting only those where your company operates. In addition, paid advertising can be displayed at certain hours – a very handy feature for those businesses that can only take orders by phone, for example.

Personal campaign control – Certainly it is better to entrust the control of an advertising campaign to a professional, but any business owner can independently learn how to work with paid advertising.

Quick results – Immediately after starting PPC ads campaign the results are visible. Many say that result of PPC can be seen on the very next day. Meanwhile to see any results of SEO campaign is possible at least only after a few months.

Relevance to small businesses – Unlike SEO, PPC advertising does not require a large investment of time and human resources. Results of PPC investments are seen immediately.

Variability – Paid advertising can be scaled. That is, first you can run it in test mode, using a minimal budget , and then draw conclusions from the result.

The exact ROI – PPC advertising allows to determine the ratio of return on invested funds as accurate as possible.

Flexibility – You can stop and start the campaign at any desired time.


Despite the fact that the SEO advertising does not show quick results, its effect can not be denied . The main advantages of SEO are the following:

SEO brings more clicks, because not all users trust paid advertising, preferring to go directly to the page that appears in organic search.

Low cost of traffic – the longer you run your SEO campaign the less you pay for traffic to your site.

Low competition – sometimes businesses prefer to use PPC as it is less complicated, thus making SEO easier for other businesses.


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