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Professional tips on designing a business website: the dos and don’ts

Folks, we at Boston Web Design Company have interesting tips on website designing to share with you, and we hope you’d find them useful. Bear in mind that it’s very easy for site owners to unwittingly build web pages that frustrate users. And you know what? Annoyed visitors often tend to quickly move on to other websites without exploring what your website offers. You don’t want that to happen to you, right? So, here are some professional tips on how to design a business website:

Web Design Tips

  • Create compelling content that delivers great value to your site’s users. Ensure that every web page contains valuable and unique content. While this tip relates more to content creation than web design, the interrelationship is undeniable.
  • Make it extremely easy for your site’s users to find content that matters to them. This is where information architecture comes into play! Minimize the number of clicks a visitor has to go through before reaching a product and/or service. Internet users tend to abandon a website, if they can’t reach the content that interests them within one or two clicks. We recommend you use information architecture to organize your site’s content for better accessibility.
  • Auto-playing video/sound, animated images, and scrolling or blinking texts are generally distracting to visitors. So, make sure you don’t use them to annoy prospective customers on your business website.

Pop-up windows are as well annoying. And so, don’t use them to unintentionally drive away your visitors.


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