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Programs used in web-mastering

Program for processing raster graphics

This is one of the most important programs you have to master. It will help you scan photos and make necessary corrections. With this program you can create those incredible effects that you see on the Internet, advertisements, etc. Adobe PhotoShop 3.0-5.0 and Paint Shop Pro 4.0-5.0 are two of the widely used graphic programs of this kind.

Program for processing vector graphics

Another important program for designers. It allows you to create various logos, buttons, labels, spectacular inscriptions from scratch or using clipart. Principles of vector editors are very different from those of raster ones. Having mastered them, you will be able to make business cards, letterheads, brochures.

Typical representatives of this class are Corel DRAW 7.0-8.0 and Adobe Illustrator – they are both leaders in this field and, therefore, come with the most recent advances in the sphere of vector graphics.

Browsers for viewing web-pages

At the moment there are only two browsers that are worth noting – “Microsoft Internet Explorer” and “Netscape Navigator”. To control the appearance of your pages you are recommended to use them. A good web page should look the same in any of these browsers.

A simple text editor

You will need a text editor for manual corrections and additions of HTML-code as the existing visual editors cannot fully control the process of web page creation. As an example, you may use regular “Notebook” of Windows or an HTML-editor with built-in commands to verify the correctness of tags and structure of documents, such as HoTMetaL.

Visual editors

Such kind of editors allow you to quickly develop simple web-pages and adjust the existing ones. The most well-known editors are “Microsoft Front Page” and “Netscape Composer”.

Text processor

With the ability to spell check a text processor is very useful for typing and correcting errors in the text. “Microsoft Word” may be one of such options.


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