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Promoting regional news website

Promotion of regional news site has a lot of nuances and peculiarities, the basic knowledge of which will be a great asset for the promotion of any news source. Say, you have a news site in Boston and have to promote it. What are the key elements you have to pay attention to? In this article we present to your attention the most important points for optimizing a regional website.

1. The main sources of traffic for a news site

The correct way of promoting a news site is the gradual development by increasing the quantity and quality of materials. Emphasis should be placed on the optimization of internal pages and increase of the authority of the whole site. Practice shows that high-frequency queries acquire higher rankings only through internal optimization.
The main sources of news site traffic:

  • Feeds
  • The long tail of low-frequency queries
  • Activity in social networks
  • Traffic exchange

2. Technical settings

A site with errors will be ranked by search engines in a worse way, thata��s why try to avoid any mistakes.

  • Make sure not to have double pages on the site. Since there are a lot of pages on a news site, they need to be better indexed, so ease the work for the search engine. To do this, close all service pages and pages with little information.
  • Download speed should also be given attention. If your page loads for 20 seconds, the user is unlikely to wait and will most likely read the news elsewhere.
  • In addition, test your site in different browsers at different screen resolutions. Perhaps, somewhere it is not correctly displayed and the site loses 5 – 10% of visitors.
  • The number of people who read news from mobile devices is growing. Having a mobile version of the site could be a major asset in the competition for the leading position.

3. Optimization of internal pages

News, articles, analytical materials – these comprise the main content of news site so they should be optimized properly.

Let’s start with meta-tags

Title. Pay special attention to this tag as it directly affects the position of the page. The main purpose of the title is to inform users and search engines news topic.

Description. If you leave this tag blank, the search engine itself will select a portion of text for description, but the selected part often incorrectly reflects the content and looks unattractive.

Keywords. The impact of this meta-tag is quite negligible.A�It should be filled in only with unique, relevant news words.

4. The depth and time of viewing – quality indicators

Your task is to give visitors the necessary information and provide the opportunity to move to other pages.

  • Link to other thematic materials. Post clarifying links. They will help increase the weight of domestic news, speed up indexing pages.
  • At the end of the news block a link to the preceding material within the same subject may be put.
  • “Hot Newsa�? should be automatically displayed in the block “top news”.
  • If you have an opportunity, be sure to use videonews which attract a large number of users.


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