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Promotional Website Infinite OZ

The fact that the most original, interesting and beautiful web applications and sites are developed mainly for promotional purposes is once again confirmed once you enter the site called Infinite OZ (

The site has quite a long history (it was created in 2008)but we just couldn’t resist to feature it i our blog. These wonderful web applications immediately entice you to watch the series of Iron Man, which Infinite OZ is intended to promote. This is a simple and very entertaining Flash application that is infinite.

The website features wonderful scenery and background music that create a sense of presence. The atmosphere is nice, but a little frightening, not like in the series.

In short we are continuously introduced with locations from the series. You just need to spend yourself a few minutes or a few hours on the site so as to feel the real effect and appreciate it.

The site Infinite OZ truly inspires with its simplicity and beauty!


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