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Rain For Me: Enjoy the sounds of the rain online

There are people who like the sound of rain and thunderstorms, some others enjoy working while it is raining , whereas for others rain is associated with a pleasant event. Now you do not have to wait until it rains or download on the Internet every time you want to hear the pleasant sounds. Now you may just visit a simple and easy to use genius site Rain For Me ( and listen to the sound of the rain online.

Indeed the idea of the website is very simple, but it has such a cool realization. Rain For Me is not saddled with lots of buttons, and so does the mobile version with only one start button. Minimum buttons, maximum pleasure.

By its simplicity Rain For Me reminds about Pianorama, where you can listen to beautiful piano music, saxophone and cello in the same nice minimalist interface.

And next time you get tired of the heat, go to Rain For Me, at least mentally go back to the place where it is raining and enjoy this dance element.

Website Rain For Me is the best online source to listen to the sounds of rain.


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