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Reasons why visitors leave your site

What motivates people to click the “back” button when they visit your site? Why do they leave your site so quickly and what steps should be taken in this case?

Let’s see hereunder the main reasons why visitors may find your site uninteresting with no intention to come back.

1. On-site music
Sometimes it can become really annoying, especially when coming across some unpleasant music, users will leave the site immediately. These sites are truly frustrating.

2. Popups (pop-up ads)
Even if the site content interests the user, popups that appear more frequently than at least every 30-60 seconds will obviously make people intolerant.

3. Slow page loading
Never make visitors wait, if they really need to visit your site, of course they will wait, but if they come to your site just out of curiosity, they are likely to leave it quickly.

4. Advertising is loaded faster than content
This is as bad as slow loading. Some webmasters place a lot of advertising prior to the content. Keep in mind that low ad servers slow down the site.

5. Poor navigation
Poorly managed navigation is one of the deadly sins for a web professional. Navigation should be intuitively clear and simple.

6. Problems with layout
Constantly analyze the site! Determine which browsers are most used by visitors.

Among other factors that can make users leave your site may also be obligatory immediate registration, pages with bad color contrast, sites supporting only video clips, flash-sites, outdated information on the home page, bad fonts, lots of shiny craps.


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