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Reasons why your business needs search-optimized web design

In the old days, a successful web design used to be a site that looked attractive and incorporated easy navigation. But those days are long gone and competition on the Internet keeps intensifying everyday. Over 80 percent of web users locate websites through organic searches, and hence, it’s essential to make sure all the pages of your business website are search engine-friendly. Off-page SEO efforts would not yield desired positive results, if on-page optimization is absent or poorly done. As follows are the areas you need to pay particular attention to:

Search-optimized Web Design

Static URL: Content management systems, by default, dynamically generate URLs that aren’t entirely search engine-friendly. Web crawlers experience difficulties when crawling some of these dynamic URLs, and if your web page can’t be crawled, you don’t have to expect it to appear on SERPs. So, ensure your website displays only static URLs. However, if your website is pure HTML, you don’t have to worry, since the URLs are already static.

Meta tags: Place the most important keyword a page targets within the title tags. That’s the first place web crawlers examine when they visit a web page. Write a captivating sentence that sums up the content of each page and insert it in the Meta Description.

Heading tags: Always use heading tags to prioritize targeted keywords on every web page. Doing so will help search engines to easily pick them up.

No coding error: The website designer you choose should be experienced enough not to allow any coding error. Coding errors can cause issues for search engines when they visit your site. Validate each web page using the W3C HTML Validator.

Image optimization: Use targeted keywords as the names of the images you insert on your web pages. Moreover, don’t forget to label your images appropriately using the Alt and Title tags. This will help image searchers to easily find you.

Avoid heavy use of Flash: Flash objects load on web browsers by making script calls, and web crawlers don’t have the capability to access those hidden scripts. The data you display using Flash cannot be crawled or indexed. So, ensure that all the important information you want search engines to index are represented with textual content, which can be easily crawled and indexed.


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