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Rovion: A tale of innovative use of Flash perfectly synced with video spokesperson

In this article we’re going to showcase the fascinating web design and programming of Rovion, a Boston-based business. A closer look at the company’s homepage tells a story of an excellent blend of Flash objects with a video spokesperson technology. The Flash ads located at the top and right side of the page are in perfect sync with the video spokesperson.



This is a great design, isn’t it? Well, Rovion’s design doesn’t only have beauty going for it, but also an innovative technique that draws in potential customers to the areas the site owner wants them to see. The whole idea of the method is to help website visitors to easily locate the products and/or services that might be of interest to them. It is a known fact that Web users generally have short attention span and can easily go to another site, if they don’t quickly find what they’re looking for. So, grab potential customers before they move on, and turn them into buying customers.

Many online businesses and Internet marketers are increasingly using banner ads that are in sync with video spokespeople as the best call-to-action tool that increases return on investment. Every online business site needs to proactively convert visitors to customers, increase sales and ROI. And the best way to do that is to use banner ads synced with video spokesperson to call your visitors to action.


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