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SEO: What Basics You Need to Know

SEO stands for a�?search engine optimizationa�? which comprises all our actions over the content of a website to improve its ranking in search results according to specific queries (keywords or combinations of words that are set for each site).

What is a query? It is a word or expression referring to the theme of your site, your product or service, according to which, in your opinion, it would be the most relevant for visitors to find your site, among thousands of competitors’ sites. The practice shows that visitors go to further pages more rarely, since they lose interest or formulate another query to the search engine. So, in a general sense, optimization, first of all, presupposes working with the text on the site. Search engines are primarily looking for information in the text. Therefore, try to include those so called keywords with a certain frequency in the text. The keywords should occur with a frequency of 5-10% of the text (classic method of SE optimization).

After all, the information you post on the site is not only for search engines, but also for people, your partners and clients. And here the main task is to make the text comprehensible for all. It makes no sense to generate articles and texts automatically because the result will be a real “abracadabra” of unknown content, which is even more difficult to interpret than writing articles “from scratch.” There are also similarities and differences in the perception and interpretation of the CEO-text by search robots and humans: the general fact is that both search engine spiders and people are viewing the text from top to the bottom, from left to right, and the difference is that people tend to skip those blocks of text that they are not able to interpret (for example, advertising of dish detergent on the site of the largest manufacturer of vacuum cleaners).

Try to have the most basic and important things, as well as keywords at the top or in the middle of the text. After all, people get tired of reading “tons of text” from the computer screen, and thus optimizing the article (reducing it to 3-5 thousand characters, highlighting the main idea), and placing the most important information from above – we care about the visitors who will appreciate it coming back to your site and helping you to promote it (voting for it, commenting on the material, etc).

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