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Seven steps to creating an effective landing page (part 1)

Creating excellent landing page is a critical step for website conversion. Users tend to quickly look through a web page and move on. Thus, one of the problems, I suppose, is to create a page that corresponds to the expectations of the visitor and interests them to the point of conversion.

Create a clear and dedicated call to action

Managing marketing company, you will always strive to transform ordinary visitors into actual buyers. And it’s the target of the marketing company. Landing pages are what turns your visitors into buyers.

Landing pages should have a design to encourage the user to take action – purchase or order. A critical component is the target sentence, so focus on that and do everything possible.

Make your proposal and the corresponding call to action distinctive and separate from the rest of the page, thus highlighting the essence of the page. Use spaces, frames, lines above and below and add something like contrast so that the users are clear exactly where to focus their attention.

Combine call to action and the text on the page with the expectations of the customer

Your visitors have arrived from elsewhere and clicking to go to the website had their expectations about what they will see on the page. This expectation is born from reading a post in someone’s blog or attractive advertising somewhere else.

Make sure that you understand the context that made ??the visitor come to your site. Imagine how disappointed the visitor will be not finding the information they expected? Therefore, it is critical to link the content of the landing page with the expectations of the user in mind.

Simplify everything to create the perfect landing page:

Forget about the wide range of styles and fonts, colors and sizes.

  • Remove images and interactive rich content, unless it serves a great purpose of conversion.
  • Simple landing pages are often the best generators conversion.
  • People do not read online. Studies show that a smaller amount of text on the page leads to higher conversion.

Edit the text to create titles and abstracts and short bulleted lists. Get rid of the over promotional marketing texts. People do not read them. If needed, they can always find more information in the footer or in the accompanying pages.


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