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ShowWorld: Interesting Website with New Vision to World

All of us have seen the ordinary map of the world but few of us have heard about the Show World which offers a completely different map. Here you will see the size of countries as they are according to a variety of criteria: from the most military to the most peaceful ones, from the most generous to the most miserly ones.

For Android a fun application called Useless facts is available, which displays a variety of interesting and useless facts.

At the top you will see five tabs by category: people, planets, business, politics and life. In each of them there is a pair of sub-levels, enabling you for example, to see how many IKEA stores may be found in that country, or where alcohol is consumed the most (by the way, at the top of this list is China).

All this is displayed in real-time by using flash on an interactive map of the world and the countries, depending on their position in the list, zoom in or zoom out. If a country boasts of nothing in this area, it simply disappears from the map. On the right part a numbered list of countries according to the selected criteria is shown and only after hovering you will see the exact figure. If you hover the mouse on the word Details you’ll see the year when the statistics were received together with their source in the form of a text link that opens in a new window.

A variety of data may be found here, for example, countries mostly mentioned in Google news, countries with the largest number of uneducated people (India is in the first place), countries with the highest number of abortions, countries with the most orthodox Christians and so on. In general, Show World is an excellent “time killer” with a flow of information.


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