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Simplicity in web design

Simple design provides many benefits to the designer, client and the user.A�If the design does not work effectively, you need to first think about what to remove rather than to add.

Advantages for the user/designer

  • Direct download – less time to wait
  • Fast display
  • Clarity
  • Easier to use
  • Business benefits
  • Rapid development
  • Fast implementation
  • Quick redesign (in accordance with the wishes of the client or users)
  • Requires less server resources (lower price)
  • Easier to support
  • Easier to achieve cross-platform and cross-browser
  • More time for creativity (for the web designer)

How to make a simple design?

Not as easy as it seems, to create a simple design requires courage, open-mindedness and skill. The more you practice in the creation of a simple design, the better you will do.

Always keep in mind the main objectives for the site and its users, write them down every time before you start to refresh your memory. If you are tired, take a break, and then again go back to the objectives.

You may also make use of Occam’s Razor, an intelligent tool, that can be in short explained as follows: if the problem has two solutions, the best is the one that is easier. This principle is very well suited for web design and often helps find the most elegant and accurate solution.

Clear, orderly, recognizable visual design simplifies the use of the site, reduces errors and helps the visitors to reach their goals.

In many cases, the development of a simple design saves time and money, but sometimes, on the contrary, requires additional resources for creative solutions to serious design problems, but solving them, you get a significant competitive advantage.

Use the golden rule of web design:A�All that is on the site should have a purpose.

Each element of the site must perform one of the two functions:
a�? Help visitors in achieving their goals
a�? Contribute to achieving the goal of the site, without disturbing visitors


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