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Sitemap – guideline for users

Poorly thought-out website navigation, a pile of various links and banners, no search options – all this may scare anyone. And in a tough competition among sites layout and design flaws are just unforgivable. So it’s time to change the situation.


To develop a comfortable and convenient navigation system consider the following tips:

1. Combine links with similar subjects into blocks
2. Banners and advertising materials are to be placed on the page in a place intended especially for this purpose
3. If there are too many links and pages, the best option would be to create drop down menus with the help of scripts


For site map a separate page needs to be created. Let’s see why a site map is generally needed.

Site map helps classify web resource sections as well as pages and links contained in them. As a rule, site map has treelike structure similar to Windows Explorer. That is, a list of sections of the web resource is created and by clicking on them users get access to all the information that is currently available on the website.

Then on the main and intermediate pages of the resource a link to site map in the form of text or graphic image is placed.

Apart from making a site comfortable and user-friendly, site map also helps in promoting the resource in the Internet. The fact is that on one page (map) quite an impressive amount of internal links are placed. Internal links are often more valuable to search engines than external ones. In this way, there is an increase in the levels of site relevance in the eyes of search engines.

Therefore, a site map should be a mandatory component of any web resource. It is important not only to form a site map, but also to optimize it properly taking into account the requirements of search engines. Internal links should contain as many keywords as possible to enable the discovery of new pages that will then be included in the indexing process.


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