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Social Media Optimization and Promotion: What You Need to Know

Promotion in blogosphere

Social networks and blogs are the most visited online resource. Mostly it is visitors or active Internet users who are able to outline the direction and bring the post or blog to the top, if, of course, the latter is really useful and interesting. And in connection with this promotion and optimization of resources for social media is an integral part in blogosphere. Optimization consists of two types of promotion: SMO and SMM promotion.


The main purpose of SMO (Social Media Optimization) is to increase the ranking of links. That is, the quality of content when being optimized by SMO is a priority, and here the large number of link shares and citations is the indicator of the site success.

Of great importance in this case is also the functionality of the site, namely the addition of information from the site to social networks. Experts in SMO advise to encourage users who share blog links, as inbound links are truly valuable.
Besides SMO presupposes promotion of services that use the content of the promoted resource by indicating links to the resource.

SMO specialists thoroughly consider the site content, place key words in it and proceed to its promotion in social networks.

Promotion through SMM

Promotion with the help of SMM (Social Media Marketing) can be attributed to the outer sphere – promotion in Internet community (forums, blogs). Activity of blog visitors and high-speed distribution of information allows to determine effective tools for promotion.

SMM optimizers work with forums, blogs, resources with instant messaging, that is to say, it is targeted at online communication – users. In other words, SMM implies a package of steps aimed at promoting sites in social networks and providing information for interested parties.

The main feature of SMM and SMO, in contrast to SEO, is that the range of activities is aimed at the interested user by providing quality content.


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