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Social networks – effective tools for site promotion

Some people study at university for five years, then get employed in an office working for several years so as to finally start getting a good salary. Whereas for others, who take advantage of the opportunity, it takes only a year to earn a lot of money by working online.

Traditionally, the best way to earn money working online may be your personal site, which should be well promoted. And here again we come to the generally accepted fact that main sources of traffic for your site are considered to be search engines. It is search engines that bring the most targeted visitors to your site. However, search engines are not the only way to increase traffic, especially because sometimes the site can get into a ban.

At present, social networks bring together a great number of people for communicating online and sharing certain interests, and that is why it is more productive to undertake the promotion of your site in such resources. Before getting started, it is recommended to put a button for likes and recommendations in a visible part of home page. Afterwards, you can move on to creating a group with constant updates on the latest news and other content from the site. This group will be promoted among the guests in social networks thus attracting a huge number of targeted visitors to your site.


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