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Software for Novice Webmasters

For all web masters here is the list of the whole soft needed for an effective and complete work.

1) Choosing the right HTML-editor

Nowadays there is a huge selection of HTML-editors to every taste. Starting with Front Page 2000 and Macromedia Dreamweaver and ending with Allaire Home Site and 1st Page. If you are just a novice web master, it would be easier to start with DreamWeaver and then move to more complex editors, like Allaire Home Site. But what is the difference between these editors? First of all, Front Page and DreamWeaver are very bulky and they cannot be downloaded from the Internet. Front Page 2000 can be purchased with Office 2000 Professional or on CD-ROM. As for Home site and 1st Page, they can be downloaded from any website with the software.

2) Now you need a graphic editor

Of course Photoshop takes the lead in this category. It is very easy to use and has everything you need to create high-quality graphics. Among other suchlike editors are Macromedia FireWorks and Macromedia Flash. But Flash is suitable for the development of Flash-presentation and FireWorks is an excellent editor for raster graphics.

3) Browser

For now two browsers are popular in the net – Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. However, it is recommended using Internet Explorer, whereas Natscape may be used only for page functionality in both browsers.

4) GIF Animators

Visiting various sites, you have repeatedly witnessed impressive animated pictures and banners. For the creation of such images there are a variety of programs called GIF Animators, such as Ulead GIF animator and Microsoft GIF Animator. Their task is to scroll through numerous pictures in a certain time limit.

5) FTP-clients

The last stage in a site creation is downloading all the information to the server for which FTP-clients need to be used. For example, Far manager and CuteFTP. CuteFTP is considered to be rather user-friendly offering the most necessary. To create a new connection, just press F4 and a new window will be displayed where you will need to enter the necessary data for input via FTP.


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