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Stages of Website Development

Website development requires a sophisticated approach and careful execution. Website development, carried out on a low professional level can damage your company’s reputation. That is why it is advised to carefully consider the choice of the web developer.

Website development is usually carried out in several stages, each of which is equally important to create a successful website.

Stage 1 – Preparation of technical specifications

Usually, website development pursues several goals. It includes development of website to post information about the company, the creation of a website for the sale of goods and services, and use of the site for promotional purposes to promote a product. Website development always begins with technical specifications, which includes a definition of the tasks of the project and the intended target audience for whom the website is being development. At this stage of website development the developers and customers are in close contact to identify and carefully document all of the requirements the website.

Stage 2 – Design

The successful development of a website also depends on good design. Professional design targeted for the audience of the website can help develop a successful business.

Website development involves the creation of a spectacular and successful online resource that would be simple and easy to use. Creating a website can be considered successful if any visitor to the site can easily navigate the site.

Stage 3 – Program Development

Website development is not possible without the creation of the program, which will later be implemented to the ready design. First you need to decide on the content management system (CMS), which will be useful when website development is completed and you need to maintain and update its information. Website development involving CMS will provide you further surprisingly easy and simple way to add or edit information on this site.

Then develop the website proceeds to the development of the software itself. For experienced software developers creating a website is based on an integrated approach, which allows you to modify and adjust the software at any stage of the project. Website development using modern programming techniques allows to divide the entire project into a series of short cycles.

Stage 4 – WebsiteA�Testing

Website development must include a comprehensive testing phase, which aims not only to correct errors and mistakes, but also increase the convenience of using the site.


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