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Steps to Creating a Stylish Website

A web site may be made stylish through several methods, the most important of which are as follows:

1. Font – within the scope of publication it should have the same characteristics, such as headset, size, color.

2. Paragraph – it is desirable to see any of the alignment options on the page, such as the publication is made with a space from the left side and is left-justified.

3. Color scheme of the web site – it begins with the selection of the three color pages that are used to represent the plain text, links and visited links. All these parameters are specified in the tag.

The color scheme is to be repeated on all pages of the publication, creating a sense of connectedness of the site. As for links, first of all try to make them slightly different, just make the color of visited links a little darker; and secondly, as the underlined text in the Web symbolizes a link, avoid using an underlined text in the publication and use another method for highlighting.

4. Graphic design of the site should first of all match the overall color scheme, and secondly, you need to think about the overall concept of graphic design. All graphical elements can be divided into two broad classes: drawing and photo-realistic. Try not to mix the two types in the design. In addition, if you use photos on the site as illustrations, go through tone and color correction, cropping, select the approximate size of the photos in the publication, find a way to handle the edges of the photo. And then use this design for the entire publication. And always write notes to photos in parameter ALT tag IMG.

5. Properly developed navigation won’t let customers get lost in the wilds of your site. Always give visitors access to upgrading to the main page of the publication. Also, keep in mind that a lot of people get to your pages via search engines, ie, not to the first page, and a good site should allow the reader to go to the main page in a simply way. If you perform a navigation bar graphically, be sure to make a copy of the text and put somewhere below.


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