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Successful SEO Strategy: Quality Content and Quality Backlinks

The process of optimizing a site is entirely in your hands which means that you can take the time to refine, improve and continually update the content.

Keywords are changing rapidly, but a tool like Google Analytics report on top keywords. Off-site optimization can be more time-consuming, because it depends on the involvement of third parties to the requested site.

There was time when a huge number of backlinks, the site could boast about, were of significant importance. This still applies to some search engines, such as the Chinese giant Baidu

Processing quality back links on a large scale is extremely important in any SEO-campaign. So leta��s see how a quality link may be created.

Collectors of Google evaluate and rank websites. Links of good quality come from popular and reliable sites. Thorough details of algorithms that are used by Google and other search engines to determine the overall quality of the site, of course, are kept in the strictest confidence. A large part of SEO evolves at random, based on observations as what works and what does not. Sites such as Reuters, CNN or BBC are easily recognizable brands, and therefore it is likely that links coming from these sources are far more valuable than sources from sites, which have never been heard about.

Alexa rankings can be a good guide for the popularity of the site. Sites can be searched using the keyword, country or category, which makes Alexa an excellent resource if you are interested in the external or internal demand for links. Your strategy may be more successful if you target area keywords. For example if you are a web development company in Boston, you should consider including Boston in yourA�keywords: web design in Boston, web development in Boston, SEO in Boston, etc.

Most of the backlinks should be from the site and relevant to the content.

Value of PR:

* Give a significant attention to the content which is certainly important. Press releases are relatively easy to create and to distribute in electronic form.
* Do not forget to target any news resources related to business, which may be too specialized for conventional or wider audience.

Social networks are also extremely important. Facebook and Twitter are worldwide networks, but if you focus on foreign markets, you may need to do some research to find out what local competitors are considered to be dominant in the market.


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