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When and Why to Redesign your Website

When and Why to Redesign your Website

Nowadays, hardly any of us may have doubts about the power the Internet has. Should you come across such cases, just ask those people to view the turnover indicators of online business. According to the company Nua Internet Surveys, at the beginning of this century the number of people who have visited Web reaches about […]

The importance of keeping your website design consistent

The importance of keeping your website design consistent

We often come across websites that implement multiple designs, and the owners argue that they simply want to make certain directories (i.e. folders) that target different audiences to look fresh to those visitors. But well-researched studies have proven this strategy to be ineffective and in some cases, misleading. Here is what the experts say: A […]

Make sure your website displays well in all browsers

Having a remarkably-beautiful website is not a guarantee it will perform well – even some badly-written codes output beautiful designs. Make it a point of duty to visit the W3Ca��s online HTML Validator immediately your web designer asks you to test the design. Use the tool to validate each web page, to ascertain it doesna��t […]

How to choose color schemes for your business website

When designing your new business website, ita��s very important to use only light colors, because theya��re soothing to the eyes. Primary colors are too bright and harsh to look at – combine that with the fact that Internet users sit in front of already-lit monitors, and youa��ll understand why you need to avoid them. On […]