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The impact of social networks on website promotion

Website promotion and social factors are related directly. The more activity on social pages, the better for the site. All these parameters are taken into account when ranking site pages in search results.

Which social-chips are better, how to work on them and why it is important to be relevant and regularly updated “informant”?

1. Twitter

This service is a micro blog where you can leave messages with a limited number of characters. Data from Twitter are taken into account for sorting sites in Google search engine.

The more tweets with a link to pages of your site, the better. The number of accounts is also taken into account- the more subscriptions, the more is the “weight” of the tweet.

In order to check whether a tweet was indexed or not, it is necessary to enter the URL of the tweet in Google or Bing search. As soon as the tweet is “visible” to Google, the link will immediately contribute to the promotion of the request.

2. Facebook

Facebook, like Twitter, is considered by Google during website promotion. Google takes into account the number of likes on the site domain.

It means the more likes and reposts, the more links to a post. Of course, such links are considered by search engines as well as from conventional sites. Thatai??i??s why maximum attention should be given to this when promoting a project.

There are several ways to popularize pages on social networks:

Organization of competitions

The point is to announce a contest on the page, and the conditions for participation are as follows:

– Subscribe to a page or join the group ;

– Like a post and repost ( tell your friends );

– Leave a positive comment under the post.

After fulfilling all the conditions, the person takes part in a random drawing of some prize, such as flash drives and computer mouse.

Publication of interesting and thematic content

Here everything is simple, you need to look for interesting and relevant material in the network and dilute all serious and useful posts with funny pictures and jokes in the subject.

In this case the material from the network does not just roll, it is necessary to publish interesting and thematic articles according to your target audience, the publication can be in the form of links to articles from your site.

3. Google+

Google + social network particularly affects the results of organic query. Each “plus” to your page is considered by algorithms and “helps” when sorting sites in search.
Of course this works, but you should not manipulate it since Google monitors real clicks and pluses. If Google realizes this, then your site will be lowered in search results.
Google Plus influences the promotion of the following:

– Plus from users with a large number of people in the community

– The volume of number of “likes” +1

Therefore, if you do not have your company’s page in Google+, it is necessary to quickly create it and publish links to new articles, products and services on the page.


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