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The importance of keeping your website design consistent

We often come across websites that implement multiple designs, and the owners argue that they simply want to make certain directories (i.e. folders) that target different audiences to look fresh to those visitors. But well-researched studies have proven this strategy to be ineffective and in some cases, misleading. Here is what the experts say: A well-accepted concept is to maintain a single design throughout an entire website, and swaying from it can result to issues. As opposed to what some less-knowledgeable fellows believe, keeping one design doesn’t make a website monotonous and boring.

Consistent Web Design

In practical, the simplest way to make your site user-friendly is to maintain a single design throughout, because of sticking to consistency. When a visitor navigates to a new web page, he/she will not be forced to figure out again how the page works and a new way to move around. This also reassures users that they haven’t moved away from your site. With multiple designs, users would have to look at the browser’s address bar to ascertain they haven’t navigated away to another website without their knowledge. Much worse, when you use more than one web design, you risk losing some potential customers because your business website looks confusing and even deceptive.


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